Visit Pozar & Edessa: Escape from all the daily life Stress!

02/17/2023 | Thessaloniki

A must-do day trip from Thessaloniki is the Thermal Baths of Pozar and the waterfalls of Edessa. You explore unique all seasons destinations in North Greece, where you allow yourself to relax and heal from all the daily life stress.


Visit Pozar Thermal Baths

Loutraki Pozar thermal baths is located in a picturesque village named Aridaia, offering the ideal pportunity to escape if you are looking to unwind and restore your body with natural healing properties of its hot springs.


Visit Edessa City

Edessa is an urban centre, 90km away from Thessaloniki and is well known for the panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes including the waterfalls. Edessaios river runs into the city from the foothills of the Pindus Mountains and is channelled via concrete banks, finally spilling over the cliffs edge in one large and two smaller waterfalls.


Discover Edessa's Waterfalls

The largest and most beautiful Waterfall has the name of the first Macedonian King of Karanos where the legendary King Midas once lived with his unique gardens. Today, Karanos waterfall stands as a "tower of water" with a height of over 70m in the heart of the Waterfalls Geopark and with its continuous flow reminds everyone that water is a source of life, power and destruction. 


The waterfalls of Edessa are among the world’s Greek natural heritage sites, with one particular feature that makes them unique. They shift forward, gradually creating new caves, while most waterfalls worldwide, because of the erosion to a specific degree, shift backwards.


How to get to Pozar and Edessa from Thessaloniki?

Whether your vacation in Thessaloniki book your private tour to Pozar thermal baths and Edessa and grab the opportunity to explore these famous attractions in Northern Greece. They offer you relaxation, enjoyment, beautiful views and delicious Greek food!

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