Private Thessaloniki Tours & Day Trips

When you visit Thessaloniki don’t miss the opportunity to book a guided city-tour or a day-trip choosing between a wide range of our private tours. So, take the chance to discover unique places, learn about the local history, visit famous sacred spots, unveil the culture and taste authentic Greek food.

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Why You Should Visit Thessaloniki with Us

Thessaloniki has more than enough to offer to it’s visitors since it combines the millennial ancient greek history with it’s Byzantine greatness and its jewish background. Also the city is famous for the superb nightlife, culinary culture and shopping opportunities.

You’ll get impressed by the rich history, the numerous monuments, views, excellent gastronomy, and the sea breeze on the waterfront of Greece’s second largest city by booking a private sightseeing tour in Thessaloniki with an Official Licensed Guide at your disposal. 

Bring memories in your mind of the jewish heritage of the city by visiting all important places. With your local guide visit the famous synagogue, check the Jewish museum and admire cultural monuments of the Jewish community of Thessaloniki.

You’ll quickly get used to Thessaloniki’s relaxing  and cozy style when you travel with us. We offer tours that will introduce you to the very best of the city’s art and experiences. Choose the tour that suits you best to discover Thessaloniki your way.




Book Your Best Day Trip from Thessaloniki!

Private Day trip to the stunning Meteora Monasteries
Discover the most important spots in Meteora while visiting three of the oldest monasteries of the region, take amazing photos of their stunning views, walk through narrow old paths and enjoy your lunch in Kalambaka enjoying a nice back-round of the high cliffs

Private Day trip to Mount Olympus and the Archaeological site of Ancient Dion
This private 6-hour day trip from Thessaloniki will guide you back in the time of the Ancient Greek Gods. This is a great tour for all history and nature lovers.

Get your Guided Tour around the  Macedonian Royal Tombs & Pella Archaeological site
Take a dive into the history of the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia. Explore Pella, Alexander the Great’s birthplace, and Vergina, the ancient capital city that now houses a museum with relics including the King Philip’s II royal tomb.

Time to Relax in Pozar Thermal Baths
Refresh your mind and body at the Pozar Thermal Baths and relax in the naturally heated water from the hot springs while admiring nature and Mount Voras.

Explore the Wine Roads of Macedonia
A tour to discover the flavors and aromas of some of the most famous traditional Greek products. Start your day with a wine tasting at a winery in Naoussa, then go to Agios Nikolaos national park, for a traditional lunch and enjoy some free time admiring the area’s astonishing natural beauty.

Book your Adventure in Kerkini Lake 
Take a boat trip through the National Park’s lake and admire the gorgeous flamingos and buffalos. All of this, combined with the breathtaking views of Mount Beles and the lush Serres Valley, creates an alternative tourism paradise.

Spend a day at the exquisite beaches of Halkidiki
Rumor has it that nowhere in Greece can boast beaches like those in Halkidiki. So, take your chance and  discover Halkidiki in a private day tour from Thessaloniki.